Terms and Conditions

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At all times the supervising adult is responsible for children in his/her care.

Guests are admitted subject to Health and Safety Regulations. The company reserves all rights to admission. 

Anyone under the influence of intoxicating or illegal substances will be refused entry.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the building at all times.

Threatening language or intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated.

The company reserves the right to alter times, attractions and prices without notification.

The company will attempt to ensure the availability of all of our activities for the use of guests. However, if for any reason the facilities are unavailable, we can only apologise for the inconvenience. Height and age restrictions apply to specific activities. These are outlined on the individual activity pages.

When purchasing Action Passes, customers must please note that they,
Can not be transferred or sold to a third party
Can not be changed to another date
Can not be exchanged or refunded for other activities/products the company provides.
Terms and Conditions are subject to change. Please ensure you read and understand before booking.


Payment, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Please note that for any advanced bookings you will be charged 50% of the total amount due. This acts as a non-refundable deposit.

The outstanding balance is to be paid on arrival for the children attending. Subject to our minimum party number of 10 party goers.

If you require to make changes to any element of the booking please call 01224 583388 and we will endeavour to help in any way we are able.

In unfortunate circumstances the management reserves the right to refund payment/ deposits. Refunds will only be given at the managements’ discretion.

The company can be contacted at:

SKA Leisure Ltd
The Boardwalk House of Fun
Beach Esplanade
AB24 5NS
Tel: 01224 583388
Company Registration No SC327440


General Party Terms and Conditions
Party goers must arrive 15 minutes before their party commences. Arriving promptly assists the smooth running of your party. (Please give consideration for time to park. Parking may be limited depending on the time of day).

Latecomers will be permitted to join in the game but will obviously loose play time.

The supervising adult is responsible for children in his/her care, and also for alerting the staff to any disability, food allergy or dietary requirements of those children. This should be mentioned both when booking and on the party day so that SKA Leisure is able to assist in any way we can.

The minimum number of children for a party is 10.

If numbers exceed 12 for a Laser Tag party, the party goers will be split into 2 groups for the games. One group will play Laser Tag while the other will have their Climb Zone session and vice versa. The party goers will all eat together.

Unfortunately we DO NOT accept the following:
Ice cream or fresh cream cakes
Sparking candles or sparklers (normal party cake candles are allowed)
Party poppers / streamers

These items are restricted due to our Health and Safety regulations. They are not only potentially hazardous but also increase clean up times and can therefore delay other parties.

The party rooms are only suitable for a maximum of 4 Adults during the meal time. If the party is for very young party goers we will be flexible up to 6 adults in total, but only if absolutely necessary.

An approximate guide to times:
Foam Factory: Arrive, 10 minutes check in for food orders & removal of shoes and coats, 30 minutes play, 30 minutes in party room, 40 minutes play before the children will be called- 10 minutes before the end of the 2 hour party to get their shoes and coats. These times are subject to change on the day, actual times may differ.
Laser Tag: Arrive, 10 minutes check in for food orders & removal of shoes and coats, 30 minute game, 30 minutes in party room, 30 minutes on Climb Zone before the 1 hour 40 minute party finishes. These times are subject to change on the day, actual times may differ.
We are not responsible for lost items such as shoes, coats etc.

We have the right to remove unruly children.


General Rules for Laser Tag
Due to the size of the Laser Tag, equipment and the nature of the game, it is deemed unsuitable for children under the age of 8. Laser Tag is suitable for anybody who is aged 8 or above. This means there will be a variety of ages in the arena playing at the same time. The arena is exclusive to a booked party of 10 players or more.

At all times the supervising adult is responsible for children in his/her care. Laser Tag does not provide services of supervision to children using the centre. Crew members are present to ensure the correct use of the Laser Tag equipment, access to first aid facilities and to implement the rules.

We advise dark casual comfortable clothes and flat shoes with a sole that grips.

All players participate at their own risk. The company does not accept liability for loss or injury of whatever nature, caused through misuses of equipment or lack of parental supervision or failure to comply with the rules. This includes those with medical conditions as each player must consider whether Laser Tag is suitable for them. In addition players leave their belongings at their own risk, the company does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen possession.

Games are non-refundable. All players must arrive at least 10 minutes before their first game. Late arrivals may miss their game in which case no refund will be offered. We apologise for the inconvenience if any game is delayed.
Games are played in the Laser Tag Arena, which is dark with fog, special effects lights and is an unfamiliar environment to all involved. Please take care and heed the following Safety Rules:
No running
No lying down
No climbing on the scenery
No physical contact with other players
Hold the laser gun with both hands.
If you need help during a game please find a Marshall. There will always be once present. A full printed list of instructions is on display at the arena entrance.


General Rules for Foam Factory
The Foam Factory is suitable for children up to the age of 12. At all times the supervising adult is responsible for children in his/her care. There are stewards positioned throughout the Foam Factory to optimise safety, provide access to first aid facilities and to implement the rules.

We do not allow parties for children under the age of 4. Any child attending a Foam Factory Party who is under 4 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. (We do have a small children’s ball play area incorporated within the Foam Factory.)

We advise casual play clothing and socks, as the children are required to remove their shoes. We can accept no responsibility for lost items.

Safety Rules:
No running
No climbing on the equipment
If you need help, please contact a Steward. There is one on each level.